The Good Enough Mom

We live with my in-laws right now. They are AMAZING people. Can you imagine taking in your adult son, daughter-in-law, AND five year old granddaughter for four plus months when you’re used to being a laid back couple in your own house? They really are saints to take us in and put up with all of our crap, and I mean that both literally and figuratively; their basement is filled with all of the stuff we couldn’t fit into the TWO P.O.D.S. we rented. See? They’re saints.

Everyone does things differently in their own homes. There aren’t a ton of differences between B&C (the in-laws) and us but when they are differences, we try to defer to their way of doing things, since so much of the rest of their lives have been turn upside down without their choosing (WE knew what we were doing when we sold our house and bought another one that hadn’t been built yet!). One of the big differences between our two houses is dining. I will admit that I might have (occasionally) let my daughter have a picnic in the living room while watching TV. I might have (regularly) served my husband his dinner in the living room while we both watched TV. Our kitchen table might have been a better place to do art projects than eat. BUT, all of that is unimportant unless you add in the fact that at B&C’s house, food is consumed at one location and one only: the table.

Today was a moderately rough day. The Monkey (my daughter) was a little bit of a stinker today. She was just bad enough to drive me crazy but just good enough to make me feel bad for getting upset with her. It was a vicious circle all. day. long. I love that kid with a love like no other, but good golly, she has the perfect combination of her mother’s stubbornness and her father’s stick-to-it-ness. Whew.

My in-laws left this morning for a week-long trip. As in they’re not here.

Fast forward to dinner time.  Yup, I’m absolutely feeding my kid her quesadilla dinner on the couch while she’s watching My little Pony on Netflix on my laptop (for some reason there’s no Internet on the iPad…first world problems). This would be wrong on so many levels if they were home but since they’re not… well, it’s the non alcoholic answer to saving my sanity right now. Tonight I am… The GOOD ENOUGH mom!

(Do you think I could get that made into a cape?)



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