There Is No Perfect


The problem with perfection is that it binds you. Everyone has their own vision of what perfect is and when you attempt to achieve that – either your own perfection or someone else’s, you growth can be stunted.

These are concepts that have become very real to me as of late. I’ve been consumed by writer’s block over the last few weeks because of my attempts to write perfect posts. When you’re a writer, it can be horribly threatening to experience writer’s block. I’ve been inarticulate, frozen, and depressed. I’ve taken to sleeping more and writing less. I’ve been, essentially, paralyzed by my pursuit of the perfect post.

Earlier this week, I came to the realization that I needed to let go

of my longing for perfection. That doesn’t mean I’m accepting any less than the high standard of writing you expect, it just means that I’ve accepted the fact that there is no perfect. Amusingly, that’s why I couldn’t write the perfect post: because there is no perfect.

Huh. How freeing that thought really is, and it makes me wonder: Where else can it be applied to my life?

Where can it be applied to your life?




One response to “There Is No Perfect

  1. I’m constantly getting caught up in the pursuit of perfection. Perfect mom (Ha!), perfect dinners, perfect crafts, perfect hostess. Perfecting is EXHAUSTING!!

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