It’s okay, we’re BRAVE.


Today Cate, my five year old daughter, spent the afternoon with Emma, her five year old best friend.  After a hushed conversation with forced whispers, followed by some scurrying, they approached Randi, Emma’s mom.

It was clear by the fact that Cate was peeking out from behind the couch that Emma was the spokesperson for the upcoming conversation.

“Mom,” Emma started, “Cate and I want to get our ears pierced.  Today.  Right now.”

“Well, sweetheart, we can’t do it right now,” Randi said.

“But mom! We are ready.  We want to pierce them right now.  We even have a trash can to catch the blood.  See?,” she explained, showing off the bathroom trashcan.

OH EM GEE.  They want to pierce THEIR OWN EARS.

“But girls,” Randi continued, “we can’t do it right now.  Ms. Sam isn’t here and we have to GO somewhere to get it done.  A special place where they pierce ears.  And getting your ears pierced hurts.”

It’s okay, we’re BRAVE.  Like Merida.


These two girls really are the best of friends, but we thought we’d have at least until high school before they started to pierce body parts themselves!

How are your kids enjoying the summer?


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