I’m Hitting the Road!

A few weeks ago I received an email that showered my life with pixie dust: an official invitation to attend Disney On the Road (DOTR)!  DOTR is an official part of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, a smaller, shorter version of the annual, invitation-only weekend-long event held each year in the spring.

I’m so excited to attend Disney On The Road event next week! I’ll be traveling from Atlanta to Seattle for three days to experience all that Disney has to offer at the event.  I’ve already started chatting with some of the other Seattle DOTR participants and have fun planned for both before and after the event with them.

One more piece of fun: my pal Shelly is going with me! Disney had a few extra spots left open for the event in Seattle and Shelly snagged one of them! I’m so excited to get to spend even more time with her than I expected to while I’m in Washington.

So far this summer, DOTR has traveled to NYC and Washington, DC.  Next week they’ll be in San Francisco two days before our event in Seattle.  I’ve read up a little on the things that are happening at the events and can’t wait to hear the keynote speaker, hear Disney Social Media Guru Gary Buchanan, and hear the “mompreneurs” who are going to be there.  I also hear there’s some pixie dust from Disney’s “Monstrous Summer” and the movie Monsters University, which opens in theaters this Friday!

You can be sure that I’ll not only be tweeting and Facebooking during the event, but I’ll be posting here with a full recap plus pictures!

M-I-C you real soon,

Sam 🙂



8 responses to “I’m Hitting the Road!

  1. Sounds like you’ll have a great time, I’m following now so I can see the pics when they come 🙂

  2. that is so exciting! ive been hearing a lot of bloggers going to this event! so looking forward to your post, would really love to know what happens in this kind of event! thanks so much for you vote for my blog!

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