Did I really do that?


I can’t believe it, but I just signed up for the Walt Disney World Princess 1/2 Marathon.  I have the active.com receipt to prove that I just paid Disney an inordinate amount of money to go there and walk/run 13.1 miles.  Really?  It seems like if I’m paying them, I shouldn’t actually have to do the walking/running – shouldn’t I get a free ride? Why the heck am I PAYING for torture?

I’m actually excited about it ~ even though I’m also shaking in my running shoes over the idea of 13.1 miles ~ because I’m going to be doing the race with my girl Shara! During her trip to Atlanta a couple weeks ago, we decided to walk the race together and that makes it so much more fun.

Now I just need to start training for the race!  Even just walking it, we know we have to train because 13.1 miles isn’t a joke.  That’s not something you can just chuck and hope it works out!

One month before the Princess Half is the WDW 10K that I’m actually RUNNING for Team Lemon, so I’ll have some really good training under my belt already.

Here goes nothing!


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