What I learned at Monsters University


Today my friend Nicki and I took our little monsters to see Monsters University.  These are the Top 10 things I learned while in school there…

1. Scary or not, be a good person.

2. Everyone needs a best friend.

3. True friends are the people who love you when you’re cool AND when you’re not.

4. It’s important to have a dream, but it’s equally important to have someone by your side with whom you can share it.

5. Surprises are good.  Be surprising.

6. Learn from the old pros, but it’s okay to teach them a thing or two, too!

7. Don’t forget about The Little Guy.

8. Guys that are big, hairy, and scary sometimes feel insecure, too.

9. Everyone brings something to the team; stand strong and finish together.

10. Don’t ever give up.

Monsters University is in theaters today.  Go see it; I give it two scary thumbs up!


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