The Yellows

During a play date the other day, my friend’s daughter came running into the living room and said, “I can’t find the other yellow one! I found these yellow ones, but I can’t find the yellow one I want!” [I presume she was talking about Legos or princess clothes or the like; I never did see what the “yellows” were.]

Her mom stepped in and calmly and confidently told her that while she was sure Abi had looked for them and couldn’t find them. it might be a better idea to just play with the yellows she did have.

Life is like that sometimes, isn’t it?  We’re so hyper-focused on what it is that we want and can’t find or can’t have that we overlook what is right in our hands.  How do we go from wanting and longing to appreciating and loving?  It’s a hard step to take but I think it comes from slowing down, looking around, and noticing the people and things in our lives.

It’s realizing that sometimes you’ve got to be happy with the yellows you’ve got.



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