Thoughtful Thursday

This week during the Thoughtful Thursday Blog Hop over at Love Our Disney and Mouskeatools, we were challenged to write a post discussing one of our favorite Disney quotations.  I have so many that it was actually hard to narrow it down to just one!  

It’s been a busy week (hence the Thoughtful Thursday post coming on Sunday!) but the family just settled down in the living room to watch Lilo & Stitch for quiet time and that’s when the inspiration hit! 

In this scene, Lilo is talking to her hula instructor about feeding Pudge the Fish because it’s Thursday and that’s the day Lilo take Pudge a peanut butter sandwich.  This week, however, they’re out of peanut butter and Lilo’s sister suggests she give Pudge a tuna sandwich.  

At this point, Lilo shouts, ” Do you KNOW what tuna is?? It’s FISH! If I gave Pudge the fish tuna, I’d be an abomination!”


It’s such a cute movie with the theme of family.  I love that it shows family is important and not always the people born into your life, but it’s the people who care about you.  In Hawaiian, O’hana is the word for family and as Lilo teaches us, family means “no one gets left behind or forgotten.”

Have a great week and don’t feed your fish any tuna today! 



2 responses to “Thoughtful Thursday

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  2. Thank you so much for stopping by and linking up! Hope to see you again this week! (and of course when we do our DSMM blog hop)

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